How to clean a Black mould

What is Black mould?

Black mould is an undesirable fungus that really like the moisture that becomes the mould, which can have big impact on health and food hygiene. The favorite place of black mould in the house is kitchen and the bathroom. These are the areas which contains a moisture

Safety measurements to remove black mould

Do you want to remove black mould, make sure the areas are good ventilation(open the windows)and wear protective clothing, such as cap, rubber gloves, protection for eyes, face mask, etc
People with weakened immune systems or lung diseases, pregnant women should not try.
Do not use the dry brush on mould, brush can flick spores into the air where they may be breathed in.

The best way to control the black mould is to control moisture, so it is important to identify the sources of moisture and remove or control them, otherwise problem will rise Mould will only grow in damp unventilated rooms.

Steps to remove

  1. Bleach is a great for tackling black mould, but do not use it on drywall and wood surfaces.
  2. The natural products such as baking soda with water and vinegar is also effective for mould removal
  3. when removing black mouldyou need to ventilate the room, wear protective clothing, and test your cleaning product on small area first.

A natural way to remove the black mould

Items needed-tooth brush or grout brush, baking soda, vinegar, toilet paper and gloves

  • Hot water and baking soda – You’ll need one cup of baking soda, and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Add water to make paste to put on mold and wrap the mold with toilet paper and leave it for few hours that kills the mold
  • Vinegar – Vinegar is another black mold removal method. Use white distilled vinegar, transfer to a spray bottle, and spray directly onto the moldy area. The smell should vanish along with the mold a few hours later

Second method to remove a black mold on silicone

Items needed-tooth brush or grout brush, bleach, toilet paper and gloves

Mix the bleach individually or mix with the baking soda to make a paste. Use the paintbrush to apply the paste over the silicon. Throw bleach on black mold silicone and wrap it with toilet paper and leave it for 12 to 24 hours. It removes the black stain from silicone. . Get rid of the toilet and then wash the solution off. If the mold is no longer visible the job is done, If it doesn’t work in first time repeat the process second time

See the you tube video for reference

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